Quanergy Launches Next-Generation
3D LiDAR Solutions
with the Introduction
of Q-Track HD
and Q-Track Dome  

Quanergy is proud to announce an extension of its portfolio with the addition of Q-Track HD and Q-Track Dome that, together with Q-Track LR provide the most comprehensive, high-performance 3D LiDAR solution in the physical security and smart spaces market.

Q-Track HD

Q-Track HD is designed to provide optimal tracking and classification in very challenging environments, such as crowded airports, retail stores and office buildings. With its 360-degree horizontal field of view and very wide vertical field of view, a meshed network of Q-Track HD’s can accurately track over 1000 people simultaneously, while they walk around obstructions such as line queues, columns, shelves, desks, etc.

Q-Track Dome

Q-Track Dome is designed to track and classify people in even smaller and more complex environments, such as office buildings, corridors, mantraps, and line queues with a 90 degree vertical field of view this sensor is optimized for dense areas, offering unmatched performance and reliability for object tracking and crowd intelligence gathering applications.

Q-Track HD and Q-Track Dome leverage the same rich ecosystem of 40+ applications Q-Track LR is integrated with, including; Milestone XProtect, Genetec Security Center, Hanwha Wave, Network Optix, Surveill by Edge 360, Mirasys, Flir Latitude, Salient, Digifort, Advancis and to include all major brands of PTZ cameras many more.

Q-Track HD and Q-Track Dome will be commercially available in Q3, 2024. For more information and details on how to place early orders connect directly with us.